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Take a Break with Companion Care near Westchester

July 4, 2013
Companion Care Westchester Caregiver Vacations

Companion Care near Westchester Offers an Opportunity for Family Members to Rest Caring for aging family members is undoubtedly a labor of love, but the truth is that it does take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on us. Managing the daily tasks of life for someone else is just as stressful as any full-time job, and often there is no time off during evenings or weekends! While it may be difficult to imagine how someone else could successfully fill your place for a day or two, companion care near Westchester can do just that. Thinking Long Term As a... View Article

A Personal Attendant in Venice Can Help Avoid Driving Accidents

July 2, 2013
Personal Attendant Venice Transportation Services

Senior Accident Highlights Benefits that a Personal Attendant in Venice Can Provide If you are facing the difficult “driving conversation” with your elderly loved one, a recent Los Angeles traffic accident may help you put things in perspective. A senior driver, mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake, drove through a storefront window while trying to park. A personal attendant in Venice can help seniors get where they need to go while relieving them of the responsibility of driving there themselves. Balanced Perspectives on Driving Of course, not all seniors present a danger to those around them while driving. Statistics... View Article

In-home Caregiver near Santa Monica: Statin Warnings

June 27, 2013
In-home Caregiver Santa Monica Antibiotic Statins

An In-home Caregiver near Santa Monica Should Watch for Statin/Antibiotic Interactions As the prescription schedules for seniors become more complex, family members, doctors, and the in-home caregiver near Santa Monica all keep an eye out for potential conflicts between medications. Researchers have identified a high risk of interference between two very common prescriptions: statins,which lower cholesterol, and certain antibiotic brands. Potential Dangers If your elderly loved one suffers from high cholesterol, he or she is probably on a statin, like Lipitor or Zocor. These cholesterol-lowering drugs can be adversely affected by the antibiotics erythromycin and clarithromycin, according to the study’s... View Article

Minority Elderly Parents in San Fernando More Likely to be Poor

June 25, 2013
Elderly Parents San Fernando Minority Poverty

Elderly Parents in San Fernando Face Higher Poverty Levels if they are Black or Hispanic A new, wide-ranging research project shows that there is quite a gap between the average income of white seniors and those of black and Hispanic seniors. The study reveals two major facts: first, the greater likelihood that minority elderly parents in San Fernando and through California will live in poverty. Second, the fact that all seniors, no matter what their race, face grave statistics when it comes to financial security in their later years. Poverty Statistics The study identified a senior as “economically vulnerable” if... View Article

Companionship for Elderly near Redondo Beach: Vitamins in Moderation

June 20, 2013
Companionship for Elderly Redondo Beach Vitamins

Companionship for Elderly near Redondo Beach Discuss Vitamins Anyone with an Internet connection can spend many hours gathering health advice, counsel, and warnings from innumerable sources. The trend with many of these sources is to claim to have a secret that will revolutionize your health, whether it’s vitamin C, antioxidants, a little-known berry, or a concoction with exotic-sounding ingredients. But those working in companionship for elderly near Redondo Beach want to caution seniors against jumping on an “alternative medicine” bandwagon. Stick With What You Know As the body enters its later years, it becomes more fragile. That means that it... View Article