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Different Ways to Hire an In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles

July 30, 2013
In-home Caregiver Los Angeles Agency

Finding a Great In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles Can Be Difficult It’s hard enough to decide to hire an in-home caregiver in Los Angeles instead of moving your loved one to a nursing home, but after that you have an even more important decision to make. How will you find a caring, competent professional that you can trust with your senior’s comfort and safety? There are numerous options, and the following information will help you sort through them. The Danger of Abuse The primary danger in hiring a caregiver is the possibility of financial, emotional, or even physical abuse. Sometimes, a... View Article

Eldercare near Hermosa Beach Sees Less Pneumonia

July 25, 2013
Eldercare Hermosa Beach Pneumonia Reduction

Eldercare near Hermosa Beach: Fewer Seniors Get Pneumonia One of the big advantages that seniors enjoy when they hire eldercare near Hermosa Beach is a reduced likelihood that they will contract diseases. With a professional cooking meals, keeping the house clean, helping with exercise, and keeping an eye out for symptoms of illness, a senior stands a better chance of fighting off sickness before it becomes really dangerous. When it comes to pneumonia, the elderly are getting some extra help from vaccines…but not the way you might expect. Keeping Seniors Healthy Most families know that it is important to keep... View Article

Assistance for Elderly in Encino Celebrates a Geriatrics Pioneer

July 23, 2013
Assistance for Elderly Encino Dr Solomon

Assistance for Elderly in Encino Owes Gratitude to Dr. Solomon Although you may not recognize the name of Dr. David Solomon, if you have an elderly loved one in your life you have probably benefited—at least indirectly—from his work. On July 9, Dr. Solomon passed away at the age of 90, having made significant contributions to the field of geriatric medicine. We who provide assistance for elderly in Encino appreciate and celebrate the work of this visionary doctor. Working in Los Angeles After completing a stellar education in medicine, Dr. Solomon joined the faculty of UCLA. He worked at the... View Article

Home Care near Culver City Protects Against Financial Abuse

July 18, 2013
Home Care Culver City Financial Abuse

The Presence of Home Care near Culver City Deters Thieves Financial abuse of elders is a very large and growing problem in the United States. Banks, lawyers, and even the federal government are now outspoken about the need for opposition to the crime on a large scale. Various states have increased penalties for stealing from seniors, and law enforcement agencies often make it a point to go after scammers and con artists who target the elderly. But in the end, the best strategy is to educate individuals and professionals in home care near Culver City about spotting and avoiding danger.... View Article

Caregivers in Brentwood Heights: Link Between Cancer and Alzheimer’s

July 16, 2013
Caregivers Brentwood Heights Cancer Alzheimer's

New Disease Findings Interest Caregivers in Brentwood Heights Two of the leading health concerns among seniors are Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Those who spend a lot of time caring for the elderly, such as professional caregivers in Brentwood Heights, notice that it is rare to discover an individual who has both diseases. A recent research project suggests that there is no coincidence—that the two diseases actually work against each other. Opposite Causes To understand why cancer and Alzheimer’s disease each reduce the risk for the other, consider the cause of each illness. As far as we know, Alzheimer’s disease develops... View Article