Caregivers in Brentwood Heights: Link Between Cancer and Alzheimer’s

July 16, 2013
Caregivers Brentwood Heights Cancer Alzheimer's

New Disease Findings Interest Caregivers in Brentwood Heights

Two of the leading health concerns among seniors are Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Those who spend a lot of time caring for the elderly, such as professional caregivers in Brentwood Heights, notice that it is rare to discover an individual who has both diseases. A recent research project suggests that there is no coincidence—that the two diseases actually work against each other.

Opposite Causes

To understand why cancer and Alzheimer’s disease each reduce the risk for the other, consider the cause of each illness. As far as we know, Alzheimer’s disease develops when brain cells die. Cancer, on the other hand, is the result of excessive growth of cells. Supported by the results of the recent research, many scientists agree that it would be strange for both unusual cell loss and unusual cell growth to be present in the same body at the same time.

Potential Benefits

Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are both mysterious illnesses, and any information we discover about them helps scientists move closer to their goals of producing treatments and even cures. Further studying the relationships between the two diseases is sure to be a focus of doctors and researchers around the world for some time to come.

What it Means For Los Angeles Eldercare

A Los Angeles eldercare professional may deal with many cancer and Alzheimer’s patients during the course of a normal week. While the two illnesses have radically different causes and effects, they demand many of the same qualities from caregivers. Patience, kindness, understanding, and love are more than a match for either disease. Until we discover how to send cancer and Alzheimer’s disease the way of polio, our caring experts will continue to do all they can to help patients remain comfortable and safe in their own homes.

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