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The Role of Live-In Caregivers in Supporting Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) for Seniors

July 21, 2023
young friendly female caregiver talking chatting to happy senior man in hallway of nursing home

Live-in caregivers play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and independence of seniors who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs encompass essential tasks related to self-care, mobility, and household management. In this article, we will explore the significance of live-in caregivers in supporting seniors with ADLs, highlighting the benefits they bring to seniors’ lives and their families. Personal Care Assistance Live-in caregivers provide invaluable support to seniors in their personal care routines. They assist with tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, oral hygiene, and toileting. By having a dedicated caregiver available round-the-clock, seniors can maintain their... View Article

Average Cost Of In Home Care In The United States

May 2, 2023
senior man in wheelchair with happy caregiver

As the population continues to age, the demand for home health care services is on the rise. Whether you’re looking for in-home care for an elderly loved one or yourself, one of the most pressing concerns is the cost of these services. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the cost of home health care services and provide you with a general idea of how much home health care agencies charge. What is Home Health Care? Home health care refers to a wide range of services that are delivered in the comfort of your own home. These... View Article

Cost of Assisted Living vs In-Home Care

February 2, 2022

There are two types of costs to be considered when choosing a form of elder care. First, there are the basic financial costs. Second are the human costs, the physical and emotional cost of care. When transitioning into an out-of-home facility and a new community, the personal costs can be significant. When possible, remaining in one’s own home to receive care is usually the better option. Most seniors want to remain in their homes, and it is generally considered to be the more graceful and dignified choice. Here, we will discuss the differences between these two forms of elder care,... View Article

How to Find a Live-In Caregiver for the Elderly

January 26, 2022

As we age, the need for assistance and care naturally grows. For those of us who do not wish to submit our elders to the care of a residential facility, live-in care is an excellent alternative. Live-in care allows seniors to remain in their homes and to retain the dignity they crave and deserve. Live-in elder care is for senior citizens who require assistance 24 hours a day. The assistance given is usually non-medical in nature. It includes shopping, aid with the activities of daily living, and the management of medications. For as long as live-in care is medically possible,... View Article

10 Signs it Might be Time for In-Home Care

January 12, 2022

As your elders or loved ones continue to age, the decision of whether or when to seek some kind of medical/living assistance becomes increasingly pressing. There are a number of reasons we and our elders may choose in-home care over an assisted living facility. These reasons include but are not limited to the following: They need an individualized level of care that cannot be provide at a facility Lower overall costs than the amount paid for admittance to an assisted living facility The freedom for the elder in your life to stay in a home they love If you and... View Article