We are open 24/7 and serving our clients during COVID-19

CareNetLA is committed to providing all our of clients with Personal Protective Equipment including gloves and masks during this health crisis. We also are mandating everyone adheres to strict infection prevention policies, which starts with thorough and frequent hand washing.

In-Home Healthcare Provider in California

We provide experienced caregivers who can work flexible schedules tailored to meet your needs. The caregivers can start any time of day or night and work on any day of the week that you need. The activities that the caregivers can assist with are:

Personalized Care Plan. Designing your personalized care plan is essential to provide you with excellent home care, tailored to your needs. We know every client has their own unique story and situation. Therefore, our process always starts with an assessment at your home. The assessment will cover a range of topics from your medical needs, your desired schedule, and your personal preferences such as foods you enjoy and the type of caregiver personality that would be a good fit for you. We also want you to feel free to ask us any questions you may have. After doing a thorough an assessment, we will tailor your personalized care plan to your needs and wishes. This Assessment is free of charge. It gives you an opportunity to see if CareNetLA is the right fit for you and it gives us an opportunity to understand your needs.

Affordable High Quality Care. CareNetLA’s guiding philosophy is “Affordable High Quality Care”. In our 17 years of experience, we have found our clients usually want two things:

  1. Compassionate and Reliable Care. In order to provide this high-quality care, the key is hiring excellent caregivers and retaining them. In addition, CareNetLA provides our clients with exemplary customer service to resolve any issue. We often say we need to earn our client’s trust everyday
  2. Affordable Prices That Fits Within Your Budget. We often call around to other agencies to get a sense of what they charge for similar home care services. We consistently find that we can provide services for at least 10% less the others. If you need around the clock, 24 Hour Care, we can often save our clients around 40%.

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When to Consider In-Home Care?

When a Senior sees a decline in his/her functional levels, such as the ability to walk or bathe himself, it is usually time to develop a care plan so the Senior can remain safe and healthy. Even if the functional decline does not seem too great, it pays to be proactive. If a Senior is weak and falls, that fall can lead to more serious issues like a broken hip, which then can then result in serious declines in his/her health. Unfortunately, falls are extremely common among the elderly and they are the leading the cause of trauma related hospital admissions. In addition to falls, another common risk that declining functional abilities may cause is infections. If a Senior is not able to adequately bathe himself/herself, it can result in infections, which also can spiral into more serious health problems. It is important to be proactive and build a support system to help the Senior minimize the risk of falls, infections, and an array of other potential issues.

In addition to physical limitations, Seniors who are beginning to have memory issues – such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s – usually want to consider some help. People may begin to forget critical things like turning off the stove or remembering how to get back home after going out for an errand.

Next Steps: Contact CareNetLA

Schedule a free, no-commitment assessment where we will focus our attention on understanding your needs and wishes. From here, we will create a tailored plan of care and match a caregiver with your specific needs. Once we have a thorough picture of your needs, we can send you a caregiver immediately or on a schedule that suits you. Contact us at (310) 393-1282 or fill out the form fill below and we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the next steps.

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