In-Home Caregivers in Westwood, California

If you are looking for phenomenal caregivers who will come to your loved one’s home in Westwood and perform various errands and healthcare needs for you or someone you know, think CarenetLA.

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In-Home Healthcare Services in Westwood

We pride ourselves in offering the finest quality caregivers available in Westwood. At home caregivers can provide a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Companionship Visits – as simple as it may seem, finding a unique caregiver that bonds with you or your loved one to provide conversation and companionship is priceless. This is an exceptional value to those who worry about leaving loved ones at home alone for any length of time or who are housebound.
  • Transportation – whether you need someone to take you to a medical appointment or a few fun hours of shopping we can safely take you or your loved one where they need to go for various reasons. Sometimes, when you simply can’t get out of the house there is nothing like even a short drive around the town to see the sites you’ve been missing to make you feel whole and healthy again. Let our caregivers take you around Westwood and give you the freedom you’ve been missing.
  • Light Housekeeping – let us help you keep those dust bunnies from taking over your home! Simple housekeeping chores such as running the sweeper, dusting, or tossing in a load of laundry while we are there helping you or your loved one is a wonderful service to utilize.
  • Meal Preparation – while we can’t promise a 5 Star chef, but we can provide you with a caregiver that is qualified in creating meals that can be put in the refrigerator for later (to be reheated at your convenience) or make a healthy and delicious hot meal once a day. Let us know your dietary needs and we will be sure to accommodate. This is an exceptional service for those who are diabetics and need good quality meals regularly.

As you can see our caregivers can provide an amazing array of services to those in the Westwood area. It isn’t always easy to find affordable and dependent caregivers that will be there when you need them. We can help you with any paperwork to get things started with your insurance company or payers who may help to get your caregiver services started. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your loved one to get caregiver services in Westwood as quickly as possible and with the best caregivers around.

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Our list of services doesn’t stop with just those listed above. We work with you on an individual basis to determine your needs and the amount of time you require from our caregivers. We provide a solid security system with all of our caregivers and do unannounced visits to ensure they are always providing you with the best services possible. Stop searching and give us a call at (310)393-1282 or fill out the contact form below. Don’t look any further for amazing, one-on-one, personalized caregivers in Westwood.