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Earthquake Preparation for Home Care near Venice

August 15, 2013
Home Care Venice Earthquake Readiness

Home Care near Venice Can Save Lives in an Earthquake The Los Angeles area is an incredibly beautiful place, attracting tourists from all over the world each year. But those who live here know that there’s more to the region than the movie industry and incredible scenery. Within a two-week period in August, southern California experienced two earthquakes over magnitude 3.0, an illustration of just how often the ground shakes here. Senior home care near Venice includes not only cleaning, cooking, and companionship, but also a strong disaster preparedness plan. What to Have on Hand There are certain pieces of... View Article

In-home Caregivers in Santa Monica: Medicare Alternative?

August 13, 2013
In-home Caregivers Santa Monica Medicare Alternative

In-home Caregivers in Santa Monica Review Senator Paul’s Health Care Idea As they provide care for seniors each day, in-home caregivers in Santa Monica encounter many people who are concerned about the future of Medicare and Medi-Cal. How will the systems, notorious for their inefficiency and vulnerability to fraud, deal with the ever increasing number of retired Baby Boomers? A conservative U.S. Senator is proposing a creative idea that would, in theory, improve senior health care while also saving the government money. Changes Are Needed The million-dollar question in Washington today is how to trim the senior health care system... View Article

Protecting Elderly Parents near San Fernando from WN Virus

August 8, 2013
Elderly Parents San Fernando West Nile

Elderly Parents near San Fernando are More Vulnerable to Exotic Diseases This summer has brought with it another outbreak of West Nile virus in our area, creating grave concern for those with elderly parents near San Fernando. It’s important for everyone to take extra precautions against mosquito bites while this disease is around, but doctors say that the elderly and those with weak immune systems are in the most danger. Here are some tips for helping your aging loved ones stay healthy until the current West Nile outbreak is past. Stay Away From Bugs! Some people are confused about the... View Article

Lose Weight with the Help of Caregivers in Redondo Beach

August 6, 2013
Caregivers Redondo Beach Losing Weight

Caregivers in Redondo Beach Can Help Seniors Lose Weight Obesity is considered a near-epidemic in the United States, with the convergence of a number of negative factors that make it possible for nearly anyone to get overweight with hardly any effort. The transition from active to desk jobs; the proliferation of convenient, high-fat restaurant food; and the general focus of society on entertainment rather than a strong work ethic are some major factors. Seniors have it even harder than the rest of us, especially when they are confined to home with the help of caregivers in Redondo Beach. Beating the... View Article

Companion Care near Manhattan Beach: Phones for Seniors

August 1, 2013
Companion Care Manhattan Beach Cell Phones

Companion Care near Manhattan Beach Introduces You to an Easy-to-Use Cell Phone There are plenty of reasons for an elderly person to get a cell phone, with safety and instant communication as the primary ones. If family or companion care near Manhattan Beach are not in the house, it’s important for a senior to have a portable phone that they can keep within reach. Some cell phone companies are now beginning to tailor products for seniors, focusing on ease of visibility and use. Larger Format One of the main things that cell phone companies change about their products to make... View Article