Home Care in Los Angeles: Music Builds the Brain!

November 19, 2013
Home Care Los Angeles Music Lessons

Music Research News from Home Care in Los Angeles

While scientists are working hard to peer into the physical properties of the brain itself, identifying the deposits that may cause Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, other experts take a different approach to keeping the brain strong. Going on the premise that the brain operates like a muscle, they advise us to keep up with activities that exercise it. Working in home care in Los Angeles, we see frequent statistics claiming that engaging in complex thought processes actually strengthens the brain against decay and cognitive decline.

Is Music the Ultimate Workout?

A new study confirms the basic idea that numerous past studies have also indicated: playing or singing music is one of the healthiest activities that the brain can perform. Even seniors who pick up an instrument or join a community choir reap benefits by keeping their minds agile and teaching themselves new things. But this particular study made a more surprising finding: even elderly folks who took music lessons only during their childhood years also enjoyed cognitive benefits.

Music Is for Everyone

Someone did humans a great disservice by claiming that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. The truth is that in some ways, seniors are even better positioned than most people to take up a musical instrument. They have more free time, fewer distractions from practicing, and a lifetime of the kind of experiences that add depth and feeling to artistic musical performance. And amazingly, the cognitive health benefits of music seem to appear whether a senior plays music early or late in life.

Eldercare in Los Angeles and the Arts

A professional in eldercare in Los Angeles isn’t, of course, a music instructor. But she can support your loved one in his pursuit of this healthy pastime. Providing transportation to music lessons or choir rehearsals, giving encouraging feedback during practice time, and simply keeping the house clean and organized will help your senior build his musical talents and keep his mind active.

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