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Elder Care in Los Angeles Celebrates a Cute Couple

February 20, 2014
Elder Care Los Angeles Remarried Couple

Elder Care in Los Angeles Can’t Imagine a Nicer Story Than This There are plenty of senior couples who feel that the best experiences of their lives are behind them. Perhaps feeling slowed down by physical weakness or even cognitive decay, they recognize that it is time to spend more time resting and reminiscing and less time trying new things. But elder care in Los Angeles also sees elderly couples who defy this trend—just consider this story from St. Joseph, Missouri. Discovering New Love and Art Together The Watsons got married two years ago, but each of them already had... View Article

Stepping Out with an In-home Caregiver near Los Angeles

February 13, 2014
In-home Caregiver Los Angeles Social Areas

The In-home Caregiver near Los Angeles Gives Some Activity Ideas You may have seen a recent news story from New York City concerning a group of senior McDonald’s patrons. The management of the restaurant grew frustrated with the group’s all-day visits, which occupied table space and reduced the number of guests that could be served. The in-home caregiver near Los Angeles wonders: Is there a public place anymore where seniors can go to spend quality time with others their own age? For a Price The attraction of McDonald’s to the senior group in New York is its low-priced menu. For... View Article

Assistance for Elderly near Los Angeles Passes On a Mouthwash Warning

February 4, 2014
Assistance for Elderly Los Angeles Mouthwash Danger

Oral Hygiene News from Assistance for Elderly near Los Angeles If your senior loved one has a daily routine to care for his or her teeth and gums, give them a pat on the back. Studies show that a large number of seniors neglect their own dental health, leading to painful and expensive problems. But scientists are now warning that one mouthwash product might do more harm than good for some seniors. Assistance for elderly near Los Angeles brings you the whole story: Blood Pressure Concerns A group of scientists, worried about the possible effect on a common mouthwash ingredient... View Article

In-home Care in Los Angeles: Estate Questions

January 30, 2014
In-home Care Los Angeles Will Trust

Considering Wills and Trusts with In-home Care in Los Angeles If your loved one is elderly and in need of in-home care in Los Angeles, you have probably already helped him or her establish a will/trust to govern the distribution of the estate. If you took care of those details a long time ago, congratulations for not procrastinating! However, it may be time to make another visit to the lawyer’s office and review that important document to make sure it is up to date. Life Changes When you look back, you may be surprised at just how many changes have... View Article

When Should In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles Do the Driving?

January 23, 2014
In-home Caregivers Los Angeles Driving Restrictions

In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles Consider Senior Driving There are few conversations more uncomfortable than the one about giving up the car keys. In-home caregivers near Los Angeles are always available to drive seniors to their appointments around town, but many of those seniors want to retain their independence as long as possible. Losing the ability to run to the drugstore alone or to meet up with friends for lunch feels like a major loss, but at some point it becomes necessary for safety’s sake. How Old is Too Old? It would be easy if there was a universally designated... View Article