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The Instant Family Caregiver

March 25, 2014
Elder Care Los Angeles Sudden Needs

When You Suddenly Need Elder Care near Los Angeles Some elderly folks make a very gradual, sloping transition from independence to dependence. Family members know full well that they will need elder care near Los Angeles, and they have plenty of time to organize the efforts of the family to provide help. But in other cases, the need for care is something of a shock. Whether your parents are frail or still very active, it is a good idea to look ahead to the time that they will need constant help despite your own busy schedule. Don’t Ignore the Inevitable... View Article

Putting Down Roots

March 20, 2014
Senior Care Los Angeles Gardening

Senior Care in Los Angeles Recommends Gardening An unfortunate side effect of the frailty that many elderly folks experience is that they tend to spend most of their time indoors. Staying inside has its own negative effects, including vitamin D deficiency; imbalance of melatonin/serotonin; and general decrease in muscle mass due to reduced movement. With a little thought and effort, you (perhaps with the help of senior care in Los Angeles) can get your loved one started on an outdoor, low-impact hobby that she can enjoy in the safety of her own backyard. Seize the Season As spring takes over,... View Article

Eat Your Protein, Dad

March 18, 2014
Elderly Parents Los Angeles Protein Needs

Elderly Parents near Los Angeles Need More Protein Do you find it hard to keep up with the latest and greatest dietary recommendations? Even if you exclude fad diets, it seems there is always a new story about the unknown virtues of a certain food—or its hidden dangers. Is caffeine good for you? What cholesterol is good and what is bad? And do you really know what omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants are? Here is a simple recommendation for elderly parents near Los Angeles: Eat more protein! Cut Back Until Age 65 In general, U.S. citizens get a protein-heavy diet.... View Article

The Allergies Are Coming!

March 13, 2014
in-home Caregiver Los Angeles Allergy Remedies

The In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles Gives Allergy Advice Every in-home caregiver in Los Angeles is familiar with the trouble that spring brings to many people: watery eyes, runny noses, congested sinuses, and a general feeling of stuffiness. Allergies are a particular hassle for seniors, who often have weaker immune systems than younger folks. This spring, there are some natural prevention methods that you can try to help your loved one enjoy the blooming foliage instead of avoid it. If your senior can’t or doesn’t want to use a standard antihistamine, these options may be effective alternatives. Herbal Cures A... View Article

What is Valley Fever? Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles Answers

March 6, 2014
Assistance for Elderly Los Angeles Valley Fever

Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles Discusses Valley Fever Do you know what valley fever is? It may sound like a made-up term describing a longing for the great state of California, but it is actually a serious disease that targets people living in the southwestern United States. Little known by most people, the sickness is particularly treacherous for a few different reasons, and assistance for elderly in Los Angeles wants you to make sure you know how to spot its symptoms. Looks Like the Flu Many people who contract valley fever (which is carried by a fungus that primarily... View Article