Elder Care in Los Angeles Celebrates a Cute Couple

February 20, 2014
Elder Care Los Angeles Remarried Couple

Elder Care in Los Angeles Can’t Imagine a Nicer Story Than This

There are plenty of senior couples who feel that the best experiences of their lives are behind them. Perhaps feeling slowed down by physical weakness or even cognitive decay, they recognize that it is time to spend more time resting and reminiscing and less time trying new things. But elder care in Los Angeles also sees elderly couples who defy this trend—just consider this story from St. Joseph, Missouri.

Discovering New Love and Art Together

The Watsons got married two years ago, but each of them already had over 50 years of marriage under their belt. After losing their first spouses, the Watsons re-met (they had gone to elementary school together) and realized that they shared many interests. One of the major ones was a love of painting, an activity that quickly drew them together and continues to strengthen their bond.

Making the Most of their Senior Years

After celebrating a 50-year marriage separately, the Watsons have now experienced a 14-year marriage together—a substantial achievement in itself! The watercolor and pastel paintings that the couple still creates serve to illustrate the richness that they enjoy in every part of their life together. It is truly inspiring to see two people who haven’t given up on discovering beauty and excitement in each other and in the world around them!

Eldercare in Los Angeles Can Help Couples Enjoy Each Other

If your parents are fortunate enough to have each other well into their old age, perhaps you want to minimize the work they have to do around the house. Laundry, housecleaning, paying bills, and cooking may all be activities that they would rather not spend their time on, or that they may no longer be able to manage. Ask eldercare in Los Angeles about handling these daily responsibilities so that your parents can reminisce together or even find a brand new hobby to share.

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