The Allergies Are Coming!

March 13, 2014
in-home Caregiver Los Angeles Allergy Remedies

The In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles Gives Allergy Advice

Every in-home caregiver in Los Angeles is familiar with the trouble that spring brings to many people: watery eyes, runny noses, congested sinuses, and a general feeling of stuffiness. Allergies are a particular hassle for seniors, who often have weaker immune systems than younger folks. This spring, there are some natural prevention methods that you can try to help your loved one enjoy the blooming foliage instead of avoid it. If your senior can’t or doesn’t want to use a standard antihistamine, these options may be effective alternatives.

Herbal Cures

A number of herbs act as natural antihistamines, fighting the symptoms caused by plant allergies. These include thyme, stinging nettle, and Siberian ginseng. It is important to note that however effective an herbal treatment may be, it could interact adversely with a senior’s prescriptions. Always check with the doctor before trying an herbal allergy cure.

Allergy-Fighting Foods

If your senior enjoys garlic and onions, he is in luck! They are high in the same natural antihistamines mentioned earlier in connection with herbal remedies. Collard greens and other vegetables that provide carotenoids are great as well. Any fruit or vegetable with high levels of vitamin C helps the body fight off not only allergies, but many other sicknesses.

Eldercare in Los Angeles: Good Home Cooking

With the busy pace of life that most families maintain, it is very difficult to serve fresh, healthy meals on a regular basis. It’s even harder to include senior family members in those meals; sadly, many elderly people have little choice but to eat processed, prepackaged foods. But eldercare in Los Angeles can ensure that a senior gets a steady diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, and whole grains in the form of delicious, home-cooked meals. A strong immune system means fewer allergies all spring!

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