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Elder Care near Los Angeles: Generic vs. Brand Name Drugs

January 16, 2014
Elder Care Los Angeles Medicare Prescriptions

Elder Care near Los Angeles Asks about Drug Prescriptions When you walk down the medicine aisle at your local grocery store, do you automatically pick up the name brand pain reliever? Or do you carefully read the contents of both the name brand and the generic version, checking to see if there’s really any difference? The truth is that, after a drug has been on the market for about a decade, the generic versions of it are usually identical. Elder care near Los Angles recently read, though, that many doctors continue to prescribe the more expensive name brands. Why? Why... View Article

Elder Care in Los Angeles Looks Forward to Alzheimer’s Progress

December 17, 2013
Elder Care Los Angeles Alzheimers Research

Will Elder Care in Los Angeles Ever See a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease? Those of us who watch medical research carefully see news about Alzheimer’s disease research on a weekly basis. There are many promising signs, but the sad fact is that very little overall progress seems to have been made toward finding a cure. Despite the huge profits that a company would earn with a cure or even a treatment of symptoms, elder care in Los Angeles is still watching the horizon for such a drug. Why the Slow Pace? As complex as the entire human body is, the... View Article

In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles Warn about Insurance Changes

November 21, 2013
In-home Caregivers Los Angeles Medicare Advantage

In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles: Is Your Loved One’s Insurance Changing? If the senior in your life is on Medicare, you have probably breathed a sigh of relief that you don’t have to deal with changing their health insurance plan due to the Affordable Care Act. While it’s true that Medicare plans will not change, it is easy to forget that most seniors also hold insurance from private companies—and those policies might be subject to alterations or cancellation. Below, in-home caregivers near Los Angeles give you some tips on finding out just what will happen with your loved one’s insurance.... View Article

Senior Care in Los Angeles Applauds VA’s Improvement

November 12, 2013
Senior Care Los Angeles Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Progress is Good News for Senior Care in Los Angeles In the United States, we seek to protect, support, and care for our veterans with the national Department of Veterans Affairs. As with any large government bureaucracy, too often there are inefficiencies, failures, and examples of treasured veterans not receiving the help that they need. But this Veteran’s Day, senior care in Los Angeles read about some good news that shows the Department’s determination to fulfill its mission to our heroes in uniform. Fixing a Big Problem When the media discovered that disability claims resulting from recent wars... View Article

Medicare Enrollment Warnings from In-home Care near Los Angeles

October 24, 2013
In-home Care Los Angeles Open Enrollment

In-home Care near Los Angeles is Concerned About Medicare Enrollment There’s a strictly designated window of time between October 15 and December 7—called “open enrollment”—during which seniors can sign up for specific Medicare programs, either for the first time or to change their coverage. This process can easily be confusing under any circumstances, even with the help of a geriatric care manager or in-home care near Los Angeles. But this year, two factors are making it even harder for seniors to sign up for the coverage that best meets their needs: the recently-ended government shutdown and the rollout of the... View Article