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Pitfalls of Hiring Immigrant Caregivers

July 15, 2014
Home Care Los Angeles Illegal Immigrants

Reasons to Keep Home Care in Los Angeles on Solid Legal Footing It’s hard to go a full day without hearing a bit of news about our nation’s immigration crisis. At the moment, children who cross the U.S-Mexico border alone are in the spotlight, but there are serious problems on every front of the immigration spectrum. Although the news headlines are one thing, the debate often becomes much different when we come in direct contact with undocumented immigrants. Home care in Los Angeles is a field in which it can be difficult for people to figure out just what decision... View Article

Home Services: Buyer Beware!

July 8, 2014
Elder Care Los Angeles Scammers at Door

Some Shopping Advice From Elder Care near Los Angeles It is a little old-fashioned to go door to door selling a product or service. Since Internet and media advertising can reach such a large audience quickly, most businesses have abandoned the practice of actually ringing doorbells. There is a major exception to this rule: fraudulent companies that are simply trying to get a check, then disappear from sight. Elder care near Los Angeles has some advice for seniors, their caregivers, and anyone else who might be tempted to pay for a service on the spot. Consider the Probabilities It’s true... View Article

Caller ID: Not Always Accurate Any More

July 1, 2014
Senior Care Los Angeles Caller ID

New Phone Scam Warning from Senior Care in Los Angeles Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear about some new method that scammers have invented. If you keep up with such news, you are likely amazed at the creativity and technological knowledge of these criminals. On one hand, they stay on top of the latest phone security and convenience developments, finding ways to use them to confuse and deceive their victims. On the other hand, they also use their knowledge of human nature—traits like curiosity, compassion, fear, and the desire to get rich quick—to make the most of... View Article

Grappling with Grief

June 24, 2014
Elderly Parents Los Angeles Grieving

Helping Elderly Parents near Los Angeles Grieve and Grow Losing loved ones is a part of human life that we wish we didn’t have to experience. Saying goodbye to someone close to us is always difficult, and resuming normal life afterwards can be just as difficult. Grieving for lost loved ones is something that our elderly parents near Los Angeles do more often than younger folks under normal circumstances, and it is important that we help them do so in a healthy, productive way. Ending Long Relationships It is common for seniors to have treasured relationships that have lasted for fifty... View Article

L.A. Events for Seniors

June 17, 2014
In-home Caregiver Los Angeles Senior Citizen Clubs

Out and About with the In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles It is a gross understatement to say that Los Angeles is an exciting place. There is so much to do that even longtime residents of the area haven’t experienced all of the activities it has to offer. Many seniors, though, feel that they have passed the age of getting out into the community, exploring and making memories around L.A. What they don’t realize is just how easy it is to keep up with local activities, although at a slightly different pace and with the help of an in-home caregiver in... View Article