Florida Seniors Help Improve Home Care in Venice

September 19, 2013
Home Care Venice Technology Testing

Home Care in Venice Gets More Technological

Forget video games, GPS-enabled smartphones, and Facebook. One of the biggest areas of development in the world of technology is senior care. Smart computer and software company owners are increasingly realizing that with a few customizations, their products can do a lot of good for seniors—and, of course, make them a lot of money at the same time. Recently, an elderly group in Florida served as a test population for devices that promise to take home care in Venice to the next level technologically.

Trying Out Tools

When designing high-tech devices to keep seniors safe, feedback is essential. The greatest life-saver is useless if an elderly person can not find it or use it easily. By sending their devices into the homes of seniors for testing, the company quickly learned what changes it needed to make in order for their tools to be effective. Motion sensors needed to be more sensitive, programmable features needed to be easier to change, and prescription recording turned out to be more complicated than it originally seemed.

What Will We See?

Los Angeles eldercare has always been a fairly low-technology activity. But soon, human caregivers will likely be assisted by electronic sensors and monitors that will be alert to danger 24 hours a day. Some seniors may be wary of the idea of machines overseeing them, but in real life those machines will go almost completely unnoticed. They will simply be in the background, keeping track of activity and alerting family members if something is out of the ordinary.

Los Angeles Eldercare is Changing

It’s easy to forget how quickly the senior care field is changing. In the last few decades, however, we have seen it grow from nearly nothing to a major health care industry. Technology will help it become even more useful and affordable to seniors. Don’t get too carried away, though—robot caregivers aren’t likely to replace humans any time soon!

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