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August 5, 2014
In-home Care Los Angeles Dementia Activity

Working Out with CarenetLA

Sadly, a lot of seniors fall into bad health habits. There are a few primary reasons that this happens, and CarenetLA does its best to reverse the trend with healthy cooking, encouraging physical activity, and providing stimulating human interaction. Elderly folks who stay active and socialized keep their bodies strong longer, and new research confirms what many people have known intuitively all along: it combats the onset of dementia quite effectively.

The Key to Keeping the Mind Strong

Cognitive decline is a problem that faces many of our senior loved ones. The brain is such a complex miracle of nature that scientists are still working to unravel just what happens during the development of dementia, but in general we know that less active minds are more vulnerable to it. Numerous studies have reported that engaging in mentally stimulating activities like deep conversation, word/number puzzles, and music performance has a profound, measurable effect on cognitive sharpness in real life. It helps many people to think of the brain as a muscle: the more you exercise it, the more ready it is to handle whatever life sends its way.

Physical Activity Helps, Too

What many people might not have considered is the value of physical nutrition and activity on cognitive health. A new scientific study has shown that a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet are also very beneficial for those who are struggling against the onset of dementia. CarenetLA sees the practical effect of this on a daily basis! Watching hours of television and eating processed foods not only allows the body to become weaker, but also lowers the mind’s defense against cognitive decline. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals build up the brain, and the best way to get them is in the form of natural foods. Sunshine, fresh air, and muscle activity also do wonders for the mind.

Understanding the Needs of Dementia Patients

You may be looking for ways to help your active, mentally sharp senior loved one fight off future dementia, or your parents may already be displaying the telltale signs. Either way, maintaining (or starting anew) good health habits is key. Instead of letting the television fill daytime hours, replace it with a hobby that encourages in-depth thinking and physical exercise. And make sure mealtimes are not an afterthought, but a carefully planned source of essential nutrition.

Professional home care can help you with the daunting task of managing your senior’s health. Even if dementia is already a serious enough problem to necessitate constant care, our workers are prepared to provide knowledgeable, capable assistance whenever it is needed. Give us a call today to discuss your situation and our flexible  range of solutions.

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