Los Angeles Caregivers & The Chikungunya Virus

July 29, 2014
In-home Caregivers Los Angeles Chikungunya Virus

CarenetLA Helps Bring Balance to the Doomsday Headlines, Providing Los Angeles In-home Caregivers

The threat of a previously unfamiliar virus, flu, or pathogen spreading a deadly epidemic across the United States is a frightening one to consider. We are well aware that there are illnesses in other countries that our citizens have rarely faced, and without a built-up immunity, those illnesses can, in theory, quickly get out of hand if they make it to our country. The most recent medical headlines warn that Chikungunya virus, an illness native to southeast Asia and central Africa, has finally spread to the United States. This is clearly a serious concern, but CarenetLA, which provides in-home caregivers in Los Angeles and elsewhere nearby, emphasizes that it’s not quite time for L.A. seniors to lock themselves inside the house in fear!

Regionally Limited, For Now

The spike in attention on Chikungunya virus in recent days is due to its appearance in two Florida residents. While Americans have contracted the virus before, the difference here is that neither of the two infected people had recently traveled outside the country. That suggests that the virus has established a foothold in the U.S. The good news for us? So far, only the Asian tiger mosquito, itself an invading foreign species, seems to be able to communicate the virus to humans. Since these mosquitoes are restricted to the southeastern U.S., we on the Pacific coast are relatively safe so far.

Chikungunya Deserves Our Attention

Taking into account these factors, it is still a good idea for caregivers of small children and seniors, who are the most vulnerable to illness, to keep an eye on the development of this virus in the United States. Experts compare it to West Nile virus, which created quite a widespread problem in our “neck of the woods.” While scientists do their best to anticipate how a foreign virus will behave in the States based on similar past examples, the reality is that we will have to wait and see what happens before we know for sure. However, in the best case scenario, health officials hope to see the few infections in the southern U.S. die out without spreading on a large scale.

Los Angeles Caregivers from CarenetLA Help Fight Less Exotic Illnesses

With the danger that a simple flu or cold poses to a senior with a weakened immune system, an exotic virus making its way into Florida is not exactly our most pressing health problem! This is a good opportunity to remind family members of seniors that they must always be careful to wash hands, observe good hygiene, and stay away from the elderly if they know they have a contagious disease. Los Angeles in-home caregivers from CarenetLA are often an invaluable source of help in the fight against sickness, disinfecting surfaces in the home and preparing foods that are rich in immunity-boosting vitamins.

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