The More Languages, the Better

June 3, 2014
Assistance for Elderly Los Angeles Second Language

Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles Goes Multicultural

Health and science magazines are full of advice for people who are interested in holding off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as long as possible. Drink more coffee; eat more protein; walk for 15 minutes per day…the list goes on. Quite a few dementia-fighting techniques fall into the broad category of keeping the mind constantly exercising, functioning at a level more intense than normal life requires. Assistance for elderly in Los Angeles has one suggestion along those lines: learn another language.

Stretching the Brain

Learning and speaking a second language exercises the brain, just like lifting weights exercises the body. Experts have long said that learning a musical instrument does the same thing, but picking up a second language is something that anyone can do in their spare time—with almost no expense up front. And don’t be frightened off by the old but untrue adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Your senior loved one will be surprised at the progress she makes.

Fascinating Opportunities

Learning a new language, or picking it up again after years of neglect, can lead to all sorts of new opportunities. With a little help, your elderly loved one may be able to strike up an email correspondence with a new friend across the ocean. Practicing speaking skills with neighbors and friends who are native speakers of the language is a lot of fun as well. Best of all, this activity keeps the brain healthy and flexible, warding off dementia for as many as five years.

Eldercare in Los Angeles is Eager to Help

Basic housekeeping needs are important, but perhaps the aspect of human companionship that eldercare in Los Angeles offers is even more important. We love helping our clients keep their minds sharp with conversation, games, and other activities—including learning to speak another language.

Photo by Kim Scarborough

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