“Walk Talk” with Senior Care near Los Angeles

February 18, 2014
Senior Care Los Angeles Walking Device

Senior Care near Los Angeles: Device Measures Fall Risk

Taking a single step is an incredibly complex activity, no matter how simple it seems. The muscles in your foot, leg, and back all work to move your body forward, while the rest of the body makes slight adjustments to keep you upright throughout the step. As senior care near Los Angeles knows all too well, the aging body loses its ability to accomplish these tasks safely. A new invention will help seniors determine whether they need help avoiding falls while walking.

When Do We Need Help?

As with driving and many other tasks, walking without assistance is an activity that most seniors want to continue as long as possible. An elderly person may resist adopting the use of a cane or walker for support, while his family cringes at his unsteady progress across the room. We know that just one false step could result in a broken leg or hip, and if he is at home alone when he falls, it could be some time before help arrives.

Precise Measurements

The new device, built by a company in Switzerland, uses sensors attached to the shoe to analyze the wearer’s gait. This analysis is complex, collecting information like stride length; motion of the foot from side to side; toe and heel angles; and distance from the floor (clearance) during a step. On the company’s website, the wearer and medical professionals can view this information and make a determination about the risk of falling while walking.

Eldercare in Los Angeles Is Great Fall Prevention

We don’t think much about how far we walk throughout the day, but for a senior who is vulnerable to falling, every step counts. If it is not safe for your loved one to walk around the house alone all day, eldercare in Los Angeles can help. Your senior parent deserves for someone else to do the walking now!

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