A New Phone Scam Warning from In-home Caregivers in Los Angeles

February 27, 2014
In-home Caregivers Los Angeles Funeral Scam

In-home Caregivers in Los Angeles Inform You about Funeral Scam

In the age of Internet communication, we all have to be on our toes more than ever before to protect ourselves from data theft and harmful computer software. This is extremely difficult for seniors who are just getting the hang of using email and finding basic information online. To help you and your loved ones stay safe, here is a warning from in-home caregivers in Los Angeles about the most recent email scam:

Catching the Eye of Seniors

The currently circulating hoax is a little different from most, in that it targets our natural compassion and interest in our friends. The fraudulent email appears to contain legitimate information about an upcoming funeral or memorial service, complete with the name of a funeral home (which may or may not be real). It does not, however, include the name of the person who supposedly passed away. If the recipient clicks on the link presented in the email, a harmful computer virus downloads to the computer and can cause very serious damage if not removed quickly.

Email Safety Tips

Nearly all email scams, like this one, count on the power of human curiosity for their success. The goal of a scam is to get the recipient to take an action—like clicking on a link—which it can then interpret as permission to invade the computer’s hard drive. Avoiding this initial action is the key to defending yourself against viruses and malware. If you do not trust your loved one to be sharp enough to ignore or delete suspicious emails, it may be best to set up their account to block all emails except ones from trusted sources like family and friends.

Eldercare in Los Angeles Looks Over Seniors’ Shoulders

At a certain moment, the decision whether or not to click on a tempting button in an innocent-looking email is a critical one. If eldercare in Los Angeles is providing care at that moment and supervising the activity at the computer, it is less likely that the senior will make the wrong choice. With a qualified caregiver around, your loved one can enjoy communicating online while staying safe from dangerous scams.

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