Home Care near Los Angeles Reviews Medicare Coverage Gaps

February 25, 2014
Home Care Los Angeles Medicare Gaps

Home Care near Los Angeles Highlights Non-Covered Services

It’s hard to overestimate the role that the national Medicare program plays in seniors’ lives. From the patient’s perspective, it is a financial lifesaver that is relatively convenient to use. Doctors and hospitals have some ongoing struggles with reimbursement rates, and fraud is an ever-present danger, but on the whole Medicare has been a tremendous support system for people like those under home care near Los Angeles. There are a few notable services that are not covered by Medicare, however.

Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

The most common services that Medicare does not pay for are eye exams, glasses, hearing aids, and dental care. Clearly, these needs are significant in the elderly population, so it is important for seniors and their families to be aware that the costs will have to be covered “out of pocket” or by a supplemental health insurance plan. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as when emergency situations or specific eye diseases are involved.

Other Prominent Gaps

If your senior loved one needs medical care while traveling in another country, don’t expect Medicare to pay the bills. Cosmetic surgery, unless made necessary by illness or injury, is not covered under the program. Finally, elder care in Los Angeles and other elements of long-term care are not eligible for Medicare reimbursements in most cases. Elderly people with unusually low funds may qualify for Medicaid, but most will have to find another way to pay for long-term care services.

Paying for Eldercare in Los Angeles and other Non-Covered Services

Most experts agree that long-term care insurance is the best way to pay for at-home care and other long-term needs. Even if it is too late to buy a policy for your senior loved ones, services in your area may be more affordable than you expect. For dental care, eye exams, and other services not covered by Medicare, you can work with an insurance company to design a supplemental health insurance policy that fills in the gaps.

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