Senior Care in Los Angeles Warns About Scammers

January 14, 2014
Senior Care Los Angeles Driving Scam

Senior Care in Los Angeles Protects the Elderly from Cons

It’s hard for some of us to imagine, but there are people out there who target the elderly and do all they can to steal their money. These scammers are constantly thinking up new ways to make contact with seniors, extract a check or credit card information, and get away before others find out what is going on. Senior care in Los Angeles wants to pass on a warning about recent scam activity right here in our area.

The Car Accident Scam

Involvement in a car accident is enough to throw nearly any of us into a state of confusion. In December, a couple in Santa Monica capitalized on this confusion, staging fake accidents with seniors in parking lots. They intentionally caused seniors to run into their car, then demanded on-the-spot payment instead of getting insurance companies involved. Sadly, this frightening, tense situation was reported to the police several times in the busy shopping days leading up to Christmas.

Seniors are Targeted When Alone

Even though competent to drive around town and conduct activities like grocery shopping, many elderly people are unprepared to react quickly in a stressful situation like this accident setup. However, a con like this is usually avoided by a very simple fix: a responsible assistant traveling with the senior. Scammers move along when they see that there is no chance of cornering, confusing, and stealing from their victim.

Eldercare in Los Angeles Prevents Theft

Eldercare in Los Angeles, in addition to traveling outside the house with seniors, can prevent scams at home as well. A professional caregiver can screen mail, phone calls, and door-to-door salesmen to make sure that any potential scammers don’t reach your loved one. Our elderly loved ones are precious to us, and these days it takes a little extra effort to protect them from criminals who would steal from or even injure them.

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