When Should In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles Do the Driving?

January 23, 2014
In-home Caregivers Los Angeles Driving Restrictions

In-home Caregivers near Los Angeles Consider Senior Driving

There are few conversations more uncomfortable than the one about giving up the car keys. In-home caregivers near Los Angeles are always available to drive seniors to their appointments around town, but many of those seniors want to retain their independence as long as possible. Losing the ability to run to the drugstore alone or to meet up with friends for lunch feels like a major loss, but at some point it becomes necessary for safety’s sake.

How Old is Too Old?

It would be easy if there was a universally designated age for the end of driving privileges, just as there is a minimum driving age. But as we all know, many seniors are capable of safe driving long into their old age. This is an extremely individualized decision, one that families should handle themselves. The balance between safety and privacy is a delicate one, and often requires a lot of discussion and trust.

Getting Professional Help

While the ultimate decision on driving is between you and your elderly loved one, a geriatric care manager can provide very valuable service—expert advice, guided conversation, and a list of solutions that you may not have thought of. The involvement of a sensitive care manager can make the transition a much easier one for everyone.

Transportation and Eldercare in Los Angeles

If it is clearly time for your elderly loved one to give up the car keys, make sure he knows that doesn’t mean he’s confined to home. Eldercare in Los Angeles is ready to take clients wherever they need or want to go. Whether the appointment is a grocery trip, a prescription pickup, a social event, or choir practice at church, for some seniors it is far better to have a competent caregiver behind the wheel than to do the driving themselves.

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