In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles: Dementia Study Reveals Needs

January 7, 2014
In-home Caregiver Los Angeles Dementia Needs

An In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles for Dementia Patients

Elderly people who suffer from dementia are among our most vulnerable seniors. Not only do they face the physical decline that others their age experience, but their mind betrays them as well. The needs of dementia sufferers are complex and constant, and research supervised by a professor at Johns Hopkins University shows that most of these seniors—nearly all, in fact—do not have all of those needs met on a consistent basis.

The Trouble With Dementia

Dementia requires a senior to be constantly protected, not only from outside factors, but from himself as well. He could leave the house at any time of day or night, start a dangerous activity in the kitchen, or take a hazardous combination of medications. Soon after developing dementia, a senior requires practically constant supervision by a responsible individual in order to avoid these risks. Obviously, most families are not able to provide a round-the-clock family caregiver.

Unmet Needs Equal Danger

The study did not stop with dementia patients themselves. It also examined the needs of the caregivers themselves, and found that they were not met consistently either. Caregivers’ biggest unmet needs were connections—to counseling, support, and an in-home caregiver in Los Angeles, for example. When caregivers don’t have the network of support they need, they are unable to adequately protect the seniors they serve.

Consider the Solution of Eldercare in Los Angeles

Eldercare in Los Angeles is about more than just doing a load of laundry and making sure a senior remains in the house during the day. A good caregiver is a friend, someone who understands the challenges that dementia creates and knows how to approach them. You can trust your caregiving partner to make your senior loved one comfortable, safe, and happy while you are away. For an hour or two during a busy day or for round-the-clock service, let us help meet the needs that you and your loved one have.

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