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December 31, 2013
Assistance for Elderly Los Angeles Sleep Brain

Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles Says, “Go to Sleep!”

We hope that this blog post, provided for you from assistance for elderly in Los Angeles, puts you to sleep. That’s because medical experts have discovered a major benefit of sleeping, that has a direct connection to the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease. In case you fall asleep before finishing this article, here’s a summary: When you are asleep, your brain “takes out the trash,” expelling protein buildup that is largely responsible for cognitive decline.

Working While You Sleep

When you are asleep, your brain takes advantage of the downtime by performing maintenance on itself. The exciting breakthrough of the recent research project is the discovery of tiny channels leading out of the brain. These channels grow wider during sleep, and appear to function as trash chutes for beta-amyloid proteins. If that term rings a bell, it’s because it is at the center of Alzheimer’s disease research. The proteins are created as a by-product of mental activity (thinking), and must be cleared out or else they impede mental processes.

What’s Next?

Scientists are extremely excited about what this new discovery could mean, although research has been largely limited to the brains of mice so far. But pinpointing exactly how beta-amyloid proteins are naturally eliminated from the brain could be a direct link to developing a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. By encouraging such activity, especially if it is declining due to age or illness, a drug could possibly reverse beta-amyloid protein buildup.

Eldercare in Los Angeles Helps You Sleep Easy

If your senior loved one has trouble sleeping, his brain might not be getting the nightly cleaning that it needs to stay healthy. Eldercare in Los Angeles might be able to help by reducing stress, shouldering household responsibilities, and helping the senior get into bed comfortably on time. A full night of rest might be just what your elderly loved one needs in order to stay alert and brain-healthy!

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