In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles: Kidney Health

October 3, 2013
In-home Caregiver Los Angeles Kidneys

An In-home Caregiver in Los Angeles Gives Some Pointers on Keeping Kidneys Healthy

Your kidneys do a lot to keep your body running properly. Without them, the nutrients you take in would not be regulated, and the slightest imbalance could send you into serious illness or even death. Your kidneys filter out unneeded nutrients (like salt) and even harmful substances (like alcohol), discarding them in the form of urine. Doctors have noticed an increase in poor kidney health among seniors, and newly released study results confirm the fact.

Maintaining Healthy Kidneys

Most importantly, how can a senior protect their kidneys? Diet is the primary factor in preventing kidney disease. An in-home caregiver in Los Angeles can play a important part in the life of a senior who can’t get to the grocery store or prepare three fresh meals each day. Restaurant and prepackaged foods are very high in sodium, which the kidneys must work overtime to remove. Instead, the elderly should be eating fresh produce, whole grains, and healthy meats like turkey and chicken. Alcoholic drinks are also very hard on the kidneys.

Why the Change?

Unfortunately for us, it’s unclear whether there are clear factors leading to the recent rise in kidney disease among seniors. The increasing convenience of buying pre-made, high-sodium foods may certainly be a large part of the problem, and heavy alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are also known to aggravate the kidneys. Seniors who experience kidney disease today may be paying the price for decades of poor dietary practices, but they can still minimize the damage with a healthy lifestyle and perhaps stave off dramatic results like kidney failure.

Help From Eldercare in Los Angeles

Protecting your kidneys is like any other lifestyle change: it’s easier when there’s someone alongside you, encouraging you to keep up with your goals. Eldercare in Los Angeles can do just that, helping your senior loved one make good food choices, get out into the healthy sunshine, and stay active as long as possible. Their kidneys, and the rest of their body, will thank them!

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