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October 17, 2013
Home Care Los Angeles Flu Shots

Flu Research Will Benefit Seniors Under Home Care near Los Angeles

Influenza is no longer the widespread, deadly threat that it was early in the previous century, but it still poses a danger to the weakest members of society: infants and the elderly. The development of more effective vaccines is at the forefront of doctors’ efforts against the flu, and a new experiment provides an encouraging measure of success in that area.

Higher Dosage Yields Greater Results

Seniors under home care near Los Angeles should consider regular flu shots a standard part of their medical care. For some time, doctors have suspected that giving seniors a flu vaccine at a higher dosage might give them better protection. Those hopes were encouraged by a recent study that tracked a group of vaccinated seniors and found that higher dosages did, in fact, lead to higher numbers of antibodies. This does not automatically indicate stronger immunity against the flu, but it is a strong indicator that it might be present.

Beating the Flu

A stronger flu vaccine will be a powerful new tool with which to protect seniors. But there are plenty of measures we can take to reduce our elderly loved ones’ exposure to disease. In addition to a seasonal flu shot, seniors should get plenty of immunity-boosting vitamins and fresh produce. Because the flu is highly contagious, it is important to keep a senior at a distance from anyone who seems to be sick. A clean home environment will also keep germs under control.

Eldercare in Los Angeles for Flu Season

Keeping a senior loved one healthy is often more than a one-person job, particularly if you have your own family and career demanding your attention. Eldercare in Los Angeles can provide transportation for flu shots and doctor visits; cook healthy meals that promote immunity; and make sure the client has a clean, sanitary home in which to live.

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