Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles: Respect Your Parents!

September 26, 2013
Assistance for Elderly Los Angeles Respect

Assistance for Elderly in Los Angeles Takes a Closer Look at Parent-Child Relationships

Many seniors and their adult children settle into a pattern that, while perhaps seeming natural at the time, is not particularly healthy or beneficial in the long run. Thinking harder about this pattern would prompt most adult children to steer things in a more complex, more thoughtful, and more rewarding direction. What is this pattern? It’s the natural inclination of caregiving children to adopt an authoritative, parentlike position in their aging parents’ lives.

Why Become a “Parent?”

It is very easy for adult children to begin acting like the “parents” of their own parents. They are probably in the midst of raising children of their own, so they are in the mode of giving instructions and making decisions for others. And in superficial ways, many aging parents begin to look like children. They lose the ability to reason at an advanced level; they don’t always take the long-term view of situations; and they become too trusting of people they don’t know. But taking over and making decisions for parents about things like hiring assistance for elderly without valuing their input is usually a mistake.

A Better Approach

The quickest way to evaluate your behavior with your parent is to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Would you want someone making decisions for you without consulting you first in a meaningful way? Even if you needed to trust someone else to make the ultimate decision, you would want them to listen to you and process your wishes. Always remember that your parents still see you as their children, and it’s important to treat them with the respect that they deserve after a lifetime of raising you and guiding you through life!

Respectful Eldercare in Los Angeles

Some professional caregivers view their role as little more than babysitters, treating seniors like children that need firm direction and aren’t capable of complex interaction. Choose a partner in eldercare in Los Angeles that is committed to treating your loved ones the way they deserve to be treated—with dignity and respect.

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