New Tablets for Seniors Help Caregivers near Brentwood Heights

August 29, 2013
Caregivers Brentwood Heights Seniors Tablets

New Technology Focus Can Benefit Caregivers near Brentwood Heights

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are becoming more prominent in almost every industry, and that of caregivers near Brentwood Heights is no exception. But while these professionals use technology to schedule appointments, find the homes of clients, and communicate with their supervisors, seniors themselves are usually still “out of the loop.” It’s very uncommon to see a senior browsing the Internet on a smartphone, or using an application on a tablet.

Targeting a Growing Market

Leaders in the technology world are noticing that there is a growing market that they have not reached out to so far: the elderly. But smart developers realize that, if presented in the right way, tablets and even smartphones can be even easier for seniors to use than more traditional means of communication and other types of work. Touch screens are easier for arthritic fingers to work than writing instruments, and applications are well within the ability of most seniors as long as they use simple motions and large displays.

Boosting Los Angeles Eldercare Effectiveness

Tablet/smartphone technology has the potential to greatly benefit senior safety. A new tablet application, for example, tracks its owner’s prescription schedule and delivers an audible reminder when it’s time to take a dose. If the owner does not turn the reminder off after a certain amount of time, the application automatically sends an alert to a preset contact—the closest family member, for example. Technology like this, that constantly monitors a senior’s activity, has the potential to reduce emergency response time and even save lives.

Teaching Your Parents Technology

Many family members and Los Angeles eldercare professionals are apprehensive about the idea of teaching seniors how to use modern technology. But there’s no need to teach them the intricacies of browsing the Internet, finding their way around Facebook, or using complicated programs. Every month, there are more devices and applications that are specially designed to be senior-friendly. Keep an eye out for them, and your loved one may just catch the “technology bug!”

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