Lose Weight with the Help of Caregivers in Redondo Beach

August 6, 2013
Caregivers Redondo Beach Losing Weight

Caregivers in Redondo Beach Can Help Seniors Lose Weight

Obesity is considered a near-epidemic in the United States, with the convergence of a number of negative factors that make it possible for nearly anyone to get overweight with hardly any effort. The transition from active to desk jobs; the proliferation of convenient, high-fat restaurant food; and the general focus of society on entertainment rather than a strong work ethic are some major factors. Seniors have it even harder than the rest of us, especially when they are confined to home with the help of caregivers in Redondo Beach.

Beating the Trend

One senior decided, at the age of 51, that she was going to reverse her path toward severe obesity. Over the next twenty years, she lost over 100 pounds and became a very healthy, successful 71-year-old athlete. How did she do it? Not with the help of liposuction or fad diets. She found an activity that interested her (swimming), adopted a healthy, balanced diet, and didn’t revert back to her poor habits. Not every senior can become a competitive athlete, but most can change their diet and add at least a little exercise to their daily routine.

Working Out With Los Angeles Eldercare

Los Angeles eldercare workers see seniors who are out of shape all the time. They love it when one of them decides to take charge of their health, turn off the TV, get a healthy cookbook, and get outside in the fresh air. With a good understanding of senior health needs, a caregiver can be your loved one’s greatest weapon in their fight against unhealthy weight.

Countless Benefits

Being more healthy isn’t just about shedding pounds. A senior who exercises and eats well has a lower risk of developing a long list of common ailments. Studies continually show that mental sharpness, immunity to disease, and muscle/bone strength all improve with a more healthy lifestyle.

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