Eldercare in Beverly Hills: Are Pollution and Arthritis Linked?

August 27, 2013
Eldercare Beverly Hills Pollution Arthritis

Eldercare in Beverly Hills Addresses Concerns About Pollution and Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a daily fact of life for many seniors who benefit from eldercare in Beverly Hills. For many years, doctors have suspected that pollution could play a role in causing this painful condition, and they have been trying to conduct studies to see whether or not there is a definite link. But now there is good news for the elderly who have not yet experience arthritis—especially those who live in the smog-heavy Los Angeles area!

Pollution Probably Doesn’t Cause Arthritis

The conclusion of a very detailed 30-year study is that seniors who lived in close proximity to heavy pollution sources did not develop rheumatoid arthritis in higher numbers than those who did not. The study tracked over 100,000 registered nurses during the 30-year period, focusing on the 850 or so nurses who eventually suffered from arthritis. The lack of any meaningful increase among those who lived in polluted areas indicates that pollution is not a factor to worry about.

Details of the Study

The results of the study illustrate just how difficult it is for the medical world to pinpoint what causes arthritis. Previous studies had seemed to indicate that pollution did increase risk, but the broad scope and more careful nature of the new study contradicts those findings. In fact, the study also considered smoking as a possible factor but found that it did not seem to be one—despite doctors’ anticipation that the study would confirm a link.

Living With Arthritis—Los Angeles Eldercare

If your aging loved one already suffers from painful arthritis symptoms, Los Angeles eldercare may be able to provide relief. A senior who lives alone has to perform many tasks throughout the day which can aggravate the condition and cause even greater pain. A hardworking professional caregiver can take care of those responsibilities, allowing your loved one to relax and enjoy some relief from aching joints.

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