Protecting Elderly Parents near San Fernando from WN Virus

August 8, 2013
Elderly Parents San Fernando West Nile

Elderly Parents near San Fernando are More Vulnerable to Exotic Diseases

This summer has brought with it another outbreak of West Nile virus in our area, creating grave concern for those with elderly parents near San Fernando. It’s important for everyone to take extra precautions against mosquito bites while this disease is around, but doctors say that the elderly and those with weak immune systems are in the most danger. Here are some tips for helping your aging loved ones stay healthy until the current West Nile outbreak is past.

Stay Away From Bugs!

Some people are confused about the spreading of West Nile, because we often hear that it is carried by birds. That’s true, but humans can not contract it from contact with infected birds. Instead, mosquitos bite infected birds, then carry the virus in their blood to humans that they bite later. Therefore, the focus of prevention is avoiding mosquito bites. Granted, this is easier for most elderly folks than for those who spend lots of time working or exercising outdoors, but when they do go out, seniors should take extra measures to protect themselves.

Steps to Take

Seniors who spend time outdoors should wear long sleeves and long pants to limit skin exposure to mosquitos. And don’t forget the insect repellent! In addition to these preparations, seniors should avoid certain areas. Stagnant ponds and swampy areas, such as you might find in public parks, are definitely off limits. But even within the neighborhood, there could be danger. Swimming pools left unattended become breeding grounds for mosquitos; stay far away from them or ask their owners to drain them.

Add Los Angeles Eldercare

Having a watchful professional nearby is a great way to keep an eye out for any symptoms that could indicate the presence of West Nile virus. A Los Angeles eldercare expert can monitor any insect bites, looking for the rash, aches, and nausea that are common signs of West Nile.

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