In-home Caregivers in Santa Monica: Medicare Alternative?

August 13, 2013
In-home Caregivers Santa Monica Medicare Alternative

In-home Caregivers in Santa Monica Review Senator Paul’s Health Care Idea

As they provide care for seniors each day, in-home caregivers in Santa Monica encounter many people who are concerned about the future of Medicare and Medi-Cal. How will the systems, notorious for their inefficiency and vulnerability to fraud, deal with the ever increasing number of retired Baby Boomers? A conservative U.S. Senator is proposing a creative idea that would, in theory, improve senior health care while also saving the government money.

Changes Are Needed

The million-dollar question in Washington today is how to trim the senior health care system (Medicare) without compromising service to the huge numbers of seniors who depend on it for affordable care. Everyone understands that changes to the system will cause pain, but lawmakers and the White House have been unable to agree on just how to distribute that pain in the least disruptive manner possible. It’s a tall order, but experts on all sides of the debate agree that reform is necessary.

An Interesting Solution

As an employee of the government, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky is very satisfied with his health care plan. Under his plan, all seniors in the United States would receive the same health care benefits as all federal government employees. This system would, in effect, eliminate Medicare in favor of the more efficient, more effective federal employee plan. The catch? A gradual raising of the eligibility age from 65 to 70 over the next two decades, and a system that would carefully determine whether seniors are actually in need of financial help with their medical needs.

Effects on Los Angeles Eldercare

Even though the discussions about Medicare are taking place on the opposite side of the country, Los Angeles eldercare professionals are keeping a close eye on them. The decisions that Congress makes affect not only the work of doctors, nurses, and hospitals, but also that of in-home caregivers.

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