Companion Care near Manhattan Beach: Phones for Seniors

August 1, 2013
Companion Care Manhattan Beach Cell Phones

Companion Care near Manhattan Beach Introduces You to an Easy-to-Use Cell Phone

There are plenty of reasons for an elderly person to get a cell phone, with safety and instant communication as the primary ones. If family or companion care near Manhattan Beach are not in the house, it’s important for a senior to have a portable phone that they can keep within reach. Some cell phone companies are now beginning to tailor products for seniors, focusing on ease of visibility and use.

Larger Format

One of the main things that cell phone companies change about their products to make them more elderly-friendly is to make buttons and menus larger. Large rubber buttons are easier for seniors to isolate and press than flat keypads or tiny touch screens. But even on a phone that doesn’t have a large keyboard, an application can create one on the screen itself.

Simpler Menus

The other main adjustment that enables seniors to use a phone more easily is simplification of menus. Younger people may be always looking for more customizable options and more ways to keep in touch, but for seniors, the fewer choices, the better. Some providers are now finding ways to simplify even applications that seniors might want to access from their phones, like Facebook and online photo albums.

Fast Access to Los Angeles Eldercare

When a senior is in trouble, it is obviously a great advantage for them to have immediate access to a cell phone on their person. But a cell phone can provide important benefits for a senior on a daily basis, too. The ability to call or to answer calls from family, Los Angeles eldercare professionals, or the doctor without getting up could prevent falls in many situations. Check out the many available models for seniors, and you may find one that is just right for your loved one.

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