Companionship for Elderly near Redondo Beach: Vitamins in Moderation

June 20, 2013
Companionship for Elderly Redondo Beach Vitamins

Companionship for Elderly near Redondo Beach Discuss Vitamins

Anyone with an Internet connection can spend many hours gathering health advice, counsel, and warnings from innumerable sources. The trend with many of these sources is to claim to have a secret that will revolutionize your health, whether it’s vitamin C, antioxidants, a little-known berry, or a concoction with exotic-sounding ingredients. But those working in companionship for elderly near Redondo Beach want to caution seniors against jumping on an “alternative medicine” bandwagon.

Stick With What You Know

As the body enters its later years, it becomes more fragile. That means that it is more risky than ever to experiment with a dramatic change in nutrition. A sudden influx of any nutrient could throw off the body’s balance and lead to serious health issues. Unless a doctor familiar with your particular needs has advised you to make a change, you should avoid increasing your intake of any nutrient in a drastic way.

Review Your Diet

It is important, of course, to note that experts do recommend certain vitamin levels for seniors. You may want to review your diet and make sure that there is not a deficiency that could be harming your health. Getting the right amount of each vitamin slows decay of the bones, muscles, eyes, and even mental function. Your doctor may encourage you to take a vitamin supplement, but if he does, you can rest assured it won’t be a “cure-all” or miracle drug!

Los Angeles Eldercare Can Help with Diet

Did you know that Los Angeles eldercare services can help your elderly loved one get a healthy, solid diet each day? Cooking nutritious meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats is one of the most important services that a caregiver can provide. As with any of us, maintaining a healthy diet takes real thought and planning—make sure your elderly loved one gets the food they need!

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