In-home Caregivers in Los Angeles Can Help Prevent Financial Abuse

June 4, 2013
Elderly couple close to each other and smiling

In-home Caregivers in Los Angeles Often Ward Off Scammers

In a tough economy, we see the people around us coming up with creative ways to make ends meet. Unfortunately, some turn to illegal methods, stealing money outright or convincing victims to pay them by lying to them. In-home caregivers in Los Angeles have learned that seniors are some of the most common targets of these scammers, and they need our help to avoid losing their hard-earned savings.

Another Phone Scam

An elderly lady living in Orange County is one of the latest victims of a scam that plays on the most vulnerable place in a grandmother’s heart: the needs of her grandchildren. A man called her on the phone, claiming to be her grandson in trouble and in need of thousands of dollars quickly. As it turns out, all the scammer had was the lady’s phone number and the name of her grandson—but that was enough to convince her to send the money to his address through the mail.

A Common Story

Police report that this kind of “fake family member” phone scam is very common. It’s because there is relatively little risk involved: if the target becomes suspicious, the scammer can simply hang up the phone. But if the criminal is able to pass himself off as a family member, it is usually easy to get the unsuspecting senior to send money. How can you protect your loved ones from this kind of deception?

Los Angeles Eldercare Can Help

Professionals in Los Angeles eldercare are prepared to help their clients avoid being victimized by phone, door-to-door, online, and mail scammers. You never know when a con man will contact your aging loved one, and having a capable caregiver in the house is almost always enough to scare him off. It’s just one of the many ways that a caring professional helps to keep seniors safe at home.

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