Water, Water All Around – How Much Should You Drink?

May 5, 2013
glass of water

Everybody knows that drinking water is important, especially in a warm climate like ours in California.  And you know that encouraging your client to drink water is also very important.  But after pouring them a nice cool glass of water, or iced tea, or some juice, are you making sure that they are drinking it???  Try adding flavoring if straight water doesn’t appeal to you or your client, but do pour some water for each of you, and enjoy it together.

Many of us don’t recognize we’re thirsty, thinking instead that we are hungry.  Food does contain a certain amount of water, but even if we are not thirsty, consuming water is essential to our well-being – it keeps our bodily systems working correctly, our skin hydrated and supple, and drinking replenishes the liquid we lose when we perspire. Water is approximately 60% of every individual’s body mass!  If you are not drinking straight water, you are not getting enough!  If your client is not drinking straight water, they are not getting enough.  Six glasses a day is recommended, but even three or four glasses a day is good.  We recommend that water at room temperature is even better than ice-cold because it is easier to drink more of it.  To your good health!

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