Ideas to Help People with Dementia Get Into the Shower

May 5, 2013

In addition to being one of the owners of CarenetLA, I am also a gerontology certified registered nurse. One of the common issues many people with dementia face is a fear of water. It is not something anyone has been able to explain, but, for some reason, it is something that a great majority of people with dementia face.

Getting an adult person with dementia into the shower can be a challenge  In order to make it easier, make sure the bathroom is warm, the door is closed (privacy is very important), the towel and clean clothes are ready, and the time of day is convenient for the person getting bathed. Body language and tone of voice are very important when suggesting the person get into the shower. Stay positive, offer rewards (an outing or a favorite snack following the shower), and be calm. If the person with dementia refuses to get into the shower, try again at another time.

Stay tuned for more good tips on this and similar topics!

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