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Every week we publish articles for you on our website about the most relevant news regarding the art, science, business and politics of aging in the United States and the rest of the world. This edition of our newsletter summarizes the articles that we've published since the date of our last newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Assistance for The Elderly and Background Checks

How Important are Background Checks for Assistance for The Elderly?

If you were looking into hiring a medical nurse to perform technical medical procedures for your senior loved one, you would probably have no problem asking about their education and other credentials. When hiring assistance for the elderly, on the other hand[…]

Dementia Training Could Help In-home Caregivers

Helping In-home Caregivers Understand their Clients Better

Living with a senior who suffers from dementia (or Alzheimer’s disease) is extremely challenging. Family, friends, and providers of in-home care all know the experience of giving a senior with dementia a very simple task to perform, only to discover that they accidentally made […]

Earthquake Preparation for Home Care

Home Care Can Save Lives in an Earthquake

The Los Angeles area is an incredibly beautiful place, attracting tourists from all over the world each year. But those who live here know that there’s more to the region than the movie industry and incredible scenery. Within a two-week period in August, southern California […]

In-home Caregivers and Medicare Alternatives

Reviewing Senator Paul’s Health Care Idea

As they provide care for seniors each day, in-home caregivers encounter many people who are concerned about the future of Medicare and Medi-Cal. How will the systems, notorious for their inefficiency and vulnerability to fraud, deal with the ever increasing number […]

Protecting Elderly Parents from the West Nile Virus

Elderly Parents are More Vulnerable to Exotic Diseases

This summer has brought with it another outbreak of West Nile virus in our area, creating grave concern for those with elderly parents. It’s important for everyone to take extra precautions against mosquito bites while this disease is around, but doctors […]

Lose Weight with the Help of Caregivers

Caregivers Can Help Seniors Lose Weight

Obesity is considered a near-epidemic in the United States, with the convergence of a number of negative factors that make it possible for nearly anyone to get overweight with hardly any effort. The transition from active to desk jobs; the proliferation of convenient, high-fat restaurant food; […]

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